Mini Skirts: every girl's favorite?

The Mini Skirt: a statement that is both loved and hated


sexy mini skirtMini Skirts have been a hot, yet refreshing, item for many years. With summer temperatures rising more each year and the number of sunny days increasing, there really is no other garment that provides more comfort for a women, than a miniskirt does.

Friendly Pricing:

Price wise a tight skirt can provide a shopper with some financial relief as well.

Based of the production costs and materials, a short mini skirt or hotpants is the cheapest item any denim garments manufacturer can produce, next to denim wallets. The average fabric consumption for such an mini-skirt is well below a yard, usually the quantity is less than half of fabric that is required to make a pair of women's tight pants.

Where we can normally fit about 20.000 pants or denim jackets in a 40' container, with denim mini- and micro-mini skirts this number can be as high as 35.000 pieces, thus making the MSRP even lower.

Easy online sourcing:Tight hot pants make a good alternative for boys

On our buying clothes online page, we advise against buying jeans on the internet. The best thing about mini skirts is that you can buy them online with hardly any risk of having to send them back. The only 2 variables that are of importance when buying a mini skirt are the waist size and the length. The length of the mini skirt is easily verified by running a measuring tape down your thigh from the lower waist and checking the mirror to see where the hemline would be. The shape and measurements of the women's buttocks and women's legs are not really pertinent for the fit of this type of garment.


Another advantage of wearing mini-skirts is that they have a slimming effect. At the end of spring, one can usually see that many girls or women that have a gained a few kilo's during the cold winter months, look much better when these women or girls are wearing a short skirt rather than the pair of tight jeans which they probably bought during their previous summer holiday. This could very well be the reason why a miniskirt is one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the wardrobe of women in their late 20's and 30's. Women wearing mini skirts just look so much better (and sometimes even a little younger) than when these same women would be wearing regular pants or shorts.

Great Tan:

Where most western girls that wear mini skirts consider tanned legs as a great bonus that comes from wearing a short skirt, here in Asia it's considered to be a major disadvantage! Fortunately, the number of teenage girls that will actually wear very hot pantyhose under their short skirts, in an effort to block out those evil UV rays, has diminished in recent years. However, one can still see Thai girls, just like their Japanese or Korean counterparts, struggling with umbrella's or shopping bags in effort to position them in a way that the sun will not shine on their elegant, very white, legs.

Conclusion: Retail mark-ups and marketing cost?

Mini Skirt made of denimWe can safely conclude that the clothing industry, particularly in the United States, the UK and Europe should pay more attention to the mini skirt as a quick selling garment. Every women and girl under 40 has at least one denim short skirt hanging or lying in her closet and she will want to replace that, at least once every other year. Due to the fact that the prices of this type of fashion garment are usually heavily inflated with the excuse that it is a Hi-Fashion item and that a large percentage of the stock will have to be sold at heavily discounted prices in the end of season sales, the retailers and importers are just creating a vicious circle that can only be broken by lower those incredible retailer mark-ups and ridiculous marketing fees that add to the price of this type of garment. If a denim short skirt is made for less than $5.00, why do brands like Ferre, Orvis and Yanuk, to mention just a few, sell for prices > $50?